BMU named the best breakfast sandwich in DC by Yelp:

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A sandwich for breakfast? Sounds eggs-celent. A sandwich with cheese, eggs and meat, too? You’re bacon me crazy! While breakfast sandwiches are a sure delight at home, we can’t help but acknowledge that there are many incredible local spots doing it bigger and better. Whether you like yours with egg, bacon, cheese, on a bagel, on a croissant or toast, check out these top spots to score a breakfast sandwich in each state.

Top breakfast sandwich spots in each state
— Kayla Rambo

BMU named to Eater DC’s essential breakfast list:

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With downtown office workers bound to desks at home during the COVID-19 crisis, many typically bustling ares have fallen eerily silent. Demand for power breakfasts at the Hay-Adams, sumptuous brunches at places like Blue Duck Tavern, and more hip, subversive early morning dishes at places like Unconventional Diner and A Baked Joint has certainly dropped. Many of D.C.’s favorite breakfast spots have adapted accordingly. From no-fuss bagels and schmear to East African ful madames to a Salvadoran spread, this map contains some of the top places around town offering breakfast to go.

An Easy Like Sunday breakfast sandwich from HalfSmoke
— Lisa Ruland, Gabe Hiatt, and Tierney Plumb

BMU named as one of the best fried chicken sandwiches by Washington Post:

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Back when it was known as Black Broadway, U Street wasn’t just a neighborhood where you could hear Louis Armstrong at Club Bali. Or stroll down the street on a Sunday afternoon, still in your church clothes, and take in the magnificent buildings designed by Washington’s leading architects. Or watch first-run movies at the Republic Theatre. Or dance late into the night at the lavish auditorium inside the True Reformer Building.

buttermilk brined fried chicken breakfast sandwich
— Tim Carman